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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Core Member Rachel Nicole22/Female/United States Groups :iconour-perfect-weapon: Our-perfect-weapon
This is our perfect weapon
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 photo tumblr_og2ssnr3101r2gwz1o1_500_zpsvyidiiuc.gif
Ohh the fangs~
 photo tumblr_inline_n3fvlfcwC81rhe9kb_zpslthpddhi.gif
Ohhh yes! :iconovariesplz:
 photo tumblr_og69mwO7mb1qmvbtgo1_r1_1280_zpskfwev6hv.gif
 photo cielcopy.jpg
"Happy Birthday~"
Love Sebastian Michaelis~
 photo tumblr_o18hc641XV1uwgajxo2_500_zpsrb2ow94v.jpg
"Daddy's Little Monster" Harley~!
 photo tumblr_ofrt7yRzk61vdzv3xo1_500_zpsxurpgzus.jpg

 photo jbgItpg_zps6zpgntnx.jpg
My Dream Car, all wet ;)

 photo i-love-black-cat-131457085710_zpsdi38qfhm.png
I love my Black Cats!!! <3
 photo tumblr_mvur5gnr2d1qdxux9o8_250_zps6hyu8mlx.gif
 photo tumblr_n8po4lna141r5uz1po1_500 1_zpswfhwrnpy.gif
 photo tumblr_inline_oapo4lMCPy1tabniy_500_zpsufkmu32h.gif
Bitch, he's fabulous!!!
 photo original_zpsdsvym9g4.gif
He looks so hot while being so cool!!! :heart:v:heart:
 photo giphy_zpsvypjqf0n.gif
 photo tumblr_static_1rrlhyji2ozok080w8s8s0sw4_zpsgl8xejom.gif
"I think he's talking to you"
 photo Alucard tongue gif_zpsarrxv1si.gif
O-O :iconovariesplz:
 photo paul-walker-rip-car-sticker-8984-p_zpshwqcmugf.jpg
Paul... ;-;
 photo tumblr_mowy2vLDfp1rnw7lno1_500_zpspjdhbrgj.jpg
Ohhh~ Austin~
 photo -UKITAKE-bleach-anime-34196477-500-279_zpsj1a6y6ij.gif
So cute! <3


 photo tumblr_n6pwzoOj3m1slmjcco1_500_zpsuybbudyh.gif
Oh Hijikata stop it :D

 photo giphy_zps5osyuwrh.gif
 photo 3212937209_1_6_eOWOn25C_zpsnylnh2zr.gif
<333333 so lovely
 photo tumblr_ojq825FD5a1vsnd2do1_500_zpsgltyukde.gif
He's so handsome, even covered in blood~
 photo tumblr_oaxrvc6yHk1u8wa1yo2_r2_540_zpszxtlxg72.gif
 photo tumblr_static_tumblr_mknemgjct11rmgmfco1_500_zps8jfeg5k2.gif
Chikage~ <3
 photo tumblr_nl3qw47BrN1svkylyo1_500_zpsm63gqyym.gif
He is love! ugh~!
Sebastian gif photo tumblr_lo5qocWhWD1qkuzjao1_500.gif
I love those eyes~
 photo tumblr_n05z4gSDGP1s9hcxvo1_500_zpsvavuzezr.jpg
Maybe I don't need another you, but someone better then you.
 photo tumblr_mmg52uPwJa1rijmvyo1_500_zpstcjodqvw.gif
'I don't have friends, I have family"
-Vin Diesel-
 photo tumblr_nlbsksYpH51t45pbyo1_500_zps9umftooi.gif
That hair! <3


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Rachel Nicole
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
 photo tumblr_oje26jVUYD1sxfvy5o3_500_zpsuffkx09h.gif
Mephisto!! <3
 photo tumblr_nrk6noyqqN1snxfj7o4_500_zpsxfq7kiz0.gif
"What would Batman do?" (Oh Mist'ah J~)
 photo tumblr_obyysrrhlK1vcml3xo1_500_zpsgcvgyemm.gif
Oh hell yea...damn he's
 photo tumblr_o8hxp8m1Kf1vv1frwo3_400_zpsm7f4mgb5.gif
Get him Joker!
 photo 9PBAb8v_zps0jvsxaxy.gif
Go Harley!!! :heart:
 photo tumblr_nmjjuibEVs1u3mhzgo1_500_zpsntns5xox.gif
That is cool!
 photo tumblr_nqdq9jNbNX1r5rk9to3_r1_500_zps9tffb8nf.gif
My best friend in the whole wide world~! :iconshi-no-tamashii: and
:iconxsenbonzakura-chaosx: <3
 photo 200_s_zps1hiuqhi4.gif
I've always love Paul, he is missed :(
 photo giphy_zpsklryxkdx.gif
Oli <3
 photo tumblr_lz2rlfe19z1rp7mhyo4_500_zpszkoipfz0.gif
Paul's Nissan Skyline GTR R-34 (My dream car!!))
 photo tumblr_m81q0cVIzG1rtfi82o1_500_zpsy3ovmnzh.gif
That sweet smile~ oh my
 photo tumblr_static_tumblr_static_1kfrynr0skg0skckcw0gs04k0_640_zps2tadjyem.jpg
Forever missed! Love you Paul!
 photo tumblr_nod3wa6bBo1sm24iko1_500_zpsrn61dkt4.gif
Skyline GTR R-34...Fuckin Beautiul!
 photo tumblr_nnrca7t9Pp1t95wyvo1_500_zpseb02zufu.gif
 photo tumblr_mzng8oodV71t0vuooo1_500_zpsywijq3ip.jpg
 photo tumblr_obk9pkm7Zx1vtr7zxo1_500_zps4s02iaaq.gif
-Walkin' in the club like "Sup, Bitches"- lol
 photo tumblr_odibw7pT701vpuqeio5_500_zpsl5usmpyq.gif
Mist'a J! <3
 photo 869d506041ae1842f57e5f0437292331f5d33785_hq_zpsouevpjim.gif
Yes he does~ mmmm~
 photo tumblr_nn4dp0lP3E1r266p5o1_500_zpslruenlhv.gif
He's so fab~! <3
 photo Of Mice And Men_zps8u6cyciw.jpg
There will never be another you...
 photo 1398670_zpsqr5uhj9d.jpeg
Our New And Improved BVB Army Sign!
 photo 458167986885cddaffaf599d5de199d1_zps3ujd7lor.jpg
 photo giphy_zpsfl1otvc1.gif
 photo o40Ulb_zpsxcg1nf34.gif
Sebastian!!! *fangirl*
He's perfect!!
 photo tumblr_mongdorJ3N1rpgy5wo1_500_zps2ylfqm1b.gif
I'll never forget you...
 photo tumblr_lzs1jiHLsu1rq58dno1_500_large_zpsmghbzmxb.gif
My sweet demon~
 photo tumblr_lr9gr3Ap7I1qedhpm_zpshgxffsjn.gif
He can't!
 photo tumblr_lxhkivVNJn1qj5lzm_zps0no9lgtd.gif
He's so...ugh~ <3
 photo tumblr_llotgjH6Ea1qd8mflo1_500_zpsimlsj50e.gif

Which Character Should I Draw Next? 

5 deviants said Sebastian Michaelis ( Kuroshitsuji )
4 deviants said Alucard ( Hellsing Ultimate)
3 deviants said Toshizou Hijikata ( Hakuoki )
2 deviants said Harley Quinn ( Batman )
2 deviants said Jushiro Ukitake ( Bleach )
2 deviants said Mephisto Pheles ( Ao No Exorcist)
2 deviants said Sion Astal (The Legends Of The Legendary Heroes )
1 deviant said Ferid Bathory (Seraph Of The End)
No deviants said The Joker ( Batman )
No deviants said Other (Comment)

Bad News..

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 21, 2017, 9:14 PM

I lost my job...because I wasn't fast enough at cleaning the rooms anymore..because of the nasty works guys they have staying there, trash them out and it takes an hour for one damn room...but they expect you to be done with 2 and half rooms in one hour..I can't do that, so the let me go...I don't know what to do..I just..I feel so fucking worthless now...I can't's 11 mins after 11 here were I am...I just I...I never thought it would come down to this..I don't have a car, Uber doesn't run in the area I live in so....I..don't know what I'm gonna do guys....I just wanna cry...

  • Listening to: Alone- I Prevail


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